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Name & First name : Amor BELHEDI

Date & Place of Birth : 01 January 1950, Souk Lahad (governorate of Kebili)
Specialty : Geography
Fields of Interest : Human and Economic Geography, Methods, Data Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Theory of Knowledge, Development, Land Use Planning, Spatial Organization


Mobile Phone : (+ 216) 22 529 709.
Personal Website

Bachelor of Geography (1974), Research Aptitude Certificate (1974), 3rd Cycle Doctorate (1977), State Doctorate in Geography (1989).
Studies Charged (1975), Main Charged of Studies (1977), Head of the Programming Department (1978) in District of Tunis (currently Urban planning of the greater Tunis Agency). Assistant (1978), Assistant Professor (1981), Associated Professor (1989), Professor (1994) at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, University of Tunis.

Actual Position
Emeritus Professor of High education (2016), Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, University of Tunis. Correspondent Member in Tunisian Academy for Sciences and Arts since 13/12/2016. Coordinator of Sectorial Commitee of Geography (since 2014), Member of Sectorial Committee of Land Use and Urban planning (since 2014). Member of Technical Comity of Metrology Formation (since 2016).

Director of the Department of Geography (1999-2002), President of the Master, Doctorate and Habilitation of Geography (1999-2002), President of the Geography Master Commission (2011-2012) and Master “Spaces, Societies & Territories” (2011-2015).
Member of the Editorial Committee of the TRG, Geography & Development, Editor (1982-1990) and Director of the Tunisian Revew of Geography (2000-2006, 2010-2015). Correspondent Member of journals (L’Espace Géographique, Cybergeo (European Geographical Review). Member of the editorial board of several journals (Geographie & Developpement (1979-1986), Cahiers du GREMAMO,…), Member of the Reading Committee of several journals (RTG, RTSS, G & D,, Vertigo, RERU…).

Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty (1990-2002) and the University of Tunis (1999-2002, 2005-2008), Member (since its creation) and coordinator of the Sectorial Commission of Geography (2014-2016). Member of the SC of Land Use Planning and Urbanism (2014-2016).

Research & Publications

Communications : 86.  Articles : 115. Web publications (10). Interviews : 03 interviews. Books Records : 23.
Books 10 :
-The Railroad and Space in Tunisia, Transport and Space Organization (1980).
- Society, Space and Development in Tunisia (1992).
- The Spatial Organization in Tunisia (1992).
- The Land Use Planning in Tunisia (1992).
- Local, Regional and Rural Development (1997).
- References for the Spatial Analysis (1998).
- Statistic & Data Analysis (2010).
- Models of Economic Activities Location and Spatial Interaction (2012).
- The Territorial Fracture (2012).
- Networks & Flows (2014).
- From Place to Territory. Paradigmatic Trajectories, Itineraries and Postures of Geography (2018)

Books directed (02) :
-Space : Concepts and Practice (1993).
-Some Aspects of the Regional and Local Development in Tunisia (1998).

Collective books : 17 books, of which there are six :
- Tunis, Evolution and Functioning of Urban Space (1980).
-Dictionary of Geography.
-Geography of the 7th Year Book.
-Metamorphosis : Population and Development.
-International Migration. Content – Effects – Issues.
Case of the Tunisia. Migration. Socio-economic Impact.
-Tunisia 2040 (Arabic).
-Tunisia 2040 (French).

Studies (06) & Reports (03) : Participation in many studies relating to the development and planning in Tunisia and abroad (District of Tunis, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, Economic development Department, National Institute of statistics, CGDR).

Research Teams & Groups directed : 04 teams created and directed and a Research Laboratory   “Spatial Dynamics and Planning” (2000-2004).


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