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Amor BELHEDI         

Geographer, he worked in the District of Tunis as Geographer Town Planner (1975-1978) then as Teacher-Researcher at the Department of Geography, Faculty of the Human and Social Sciences, University of Tunis, since October 1978. He took part in several studies within several departments and organizations like Cgdr, Cogedrat, District of TuniS, UNDP, Ceres, Unicef, Mde, Irep, Ins, Ites, Fnuap.

He is a Emeritus Professor of Geography since 2016, Director of the Geographical Tunisian Review (Revue Tunisienne de Géographie, R.T.G) between 2000-2005 and 2010-2015. He founded and directed the Spatial Dynamics & Planification Laboratory (D.P.S) 1999-2004.

Publications and Researches interest the space organization, the Spatial structures and dynamics, Land Use and development, space analysis, theoretical thought and methodological approach in geography.

His work was published in several Books and Reviews in Tunisia and abroad mainly in french :
Tunisian Review of Geography – RTG, (Revue Tunisienne de Géographie), Geography & Development (Géographie & Développement), Tunisian Review of Equipment (Revue Tunisienne de l’Equipement), Ceres Journal (Cahiers du Ceres), Tunisian Review of Social Sciences – (Revue Tunisienne des Sciences Scoiales - RTSS, The Monthly Magazine (Magazine Le Mensuel), IREP Journal (Cahiers due l’IREP),  Review Art, Architecture & Land Use Review (Art, Architecture et Urbanisme)
Mediterranean Studies (Etudes Méditerranéennes) - Cnrs-Tours-Poitiers), Urbama (CNRS – Tours), Geographical Review of Morocco (Revue de Géographie du Maroc), Eastern Studies  (Etudes Orientales) – Geneva-Switzerland, Cahier/Discussion Paper of the INRS-Urbanization – Montreal (Canada), Geographical Space (L’Espace Géographique - Paris-Montpellier), Mediterranean (Méditerranée) – Aix Provence), The Mediterranean Journal (Cahiers de la Méditerranée) – CMMC-Nice Sophia Antipolis), IPALMO Journal (Cahiers de l’IPALMO) – Italy, GREMAMO Journal (Cahiers du GREMAMO) – Paris VII, Cybergeo (Paris I, Geographies- Cités).

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Most of Researches and Publications are in french, secondly in arabic and english             


CIVlL STATUS                                                                                                                                                                                         

First name and Name : Amor BELHEDI
Date of birth
 : 01 – 01 – 1950
: Souk Lahad, Gouvernorat de Kébili, Tunisia.
 : Tunisian

Languages : Arab, French, English.
Marital status : Married, three children
Business address
 : Human and Social Sciences Faculty.
94 – Boulevard April 9, 1938 – 1007 Tunis (Tunisia)
Phone (Office) : 216-71560.950. Fax (Office) : 216-71567 551.

Mobile : (+216) 22529709.
Email : amorbelhedi@yahoo.fr

WebSite : http://amorbelhedi.unblog.fr


Doctorate of State in Human & Social sciences, 1989.  Thesis: Space and Society in Tunisia: Development, Space Organization and Land Use in Tunisia, Tunis I University,  Feb 1989.
Postgraduate Doctorate ( III Cycle), 1977. Thesis : Transport and organization of space: Railroad and space in Tunisia. Oct.. 1977. FLSH, Tunis
Certificate of Aptitude for Research (CAR), 1974. Title: Industry and urban growth in the southern district of Tunis: Sidi Fathallah – Jebel Jeloud. 162p, Oct.. 1974, FLSH, Tunis.
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geography 1974.



Current position
° Emeritus Professor at Human & Social Sciences Faculty, University of Tunis. since 2016
° Member of Tunisian Academy for Sciences,  Letters and Arts, since 13/12/2016.

Previous Position
° Director of the Laboratory « Dynamic and Planification Spatiales » (DPS).  MY – SERST, LAB-HS-01. FSHS. 1999-2004.
° Directing of the Revue Tunisienne of Geography  (Revue Tunisienne de géographie) (RTG), Human & Social Scianes Faculty, University of Tunis ( 1999-2015).
° National Responsible of International Répertoire of Géographers RIG (WSW in Geography) 
Click on the link to be registered, UGI.  For more details go to RIG/WSW  or site of the A.G.T : http://www.agt.org.tn

Former positions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
° Director of the Geography Department. Human & Social Sciences Faculty of Tunis, 1999-2002
° Member of the Scientific Council of the Human & Social Sciences Faculty of Tunis, 1990 – 2002
° Member of University of Tunis I Council (1999-2002).


Courses and Researches

° Urban, Regional Geography, General and Sectorial Economic Geography (localization,  models of organization and space interaction, transport, trade, networks and flow), Environment, Urban development, sectorial and rural; Statistic, Epistemology, Data Analysis and Méthodology .

Research Teams
* Founder of  Space Stydy and Research Group – GREES, 1990-1993
* Founder and Director of the Laboratory « 
Spatials Dynamics & Planning » DPS 1999-2004, MESRST, Lab-HS-01 code, 1999 – 2004.



* Director of the Tunisian Review of Geography  (RTG)  2000-3005 and 2010-2015
° Member corresponding of the European Electronic Review of Geography «  Cybergeo  » since 2001.
* Member of the Editorial Board of  the Association Tunisian Geographers  Review « Geographie & Développement« , 1979-1986. Associate member since.
* Correspondent of the Review « L’Espace Géographique«   since Mars 1994.


Technical Career

* Geographer-town planner at the District of Tunis (1975 – 1978) and Chef of the Programming Office in 1978.
* Participation in several studies in Tunisia and abroad with UNDP, UNICEF, FNUAP, District of Tunis, CGDR, COGEDRAT, MDE, INS, ITS.    



 * Development and planning : Regional, Rural, and Local Development, Programs Evaluation, Socio-Economic Studies, Regional Plan…
* Land Use: Town Planning, Programming, Information System, Rural,…
* Socio-Economic Studies : Urban, Local and Regional Economy; Localization, Informal Activities, Demography, Employment,  Migration,..
* Analysis Methods : Quantitative Methods, Statistic, Simulation and modeling, Data Analysis, Geographical Information System…
* Transport: Urban and Modal Transportation,  Trips and Costs Studies, Programming and Modeling…



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